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Days 5 and 6 – Stuck and Know

I’m combining days 5 & 6 in the writing challenge. Partially because I’m behind but also because with what I have to say, they kinda go together.

Day 5 is Stuck and Day 6 is Know.

I’m stuck. I’m literally stuck between a rock and a hard place and I know the only thing that will get me out of it is the rough knees that result from fervent prayer.

How do I attempt to explain to her that he isn’t interested in fighting for her…that he’s not capable of fighting for her the way she deserves to be fought for…that there’s a reason that God hasn’t allowed him to come back…

How do I continue to look deep into those wise eyes, that have already been exposed to more than she should have at this young age? How do I make her understand that I know, all too well, the rejection that she’s feeling?

How do I get unstuck from this place and help her get to a place where she knows she is loved, valued, treasured, cherished and a true princess?

How do I help her to understand that the sunshine and roses and unicorns and rainbows that she feels covers the lives of so many other people are also available to her…if she would only believe and know…that He loves her infinitely more than she could ever imagine.

How do I remind her of the song in her heart when she has forgotten the tune…and doesn’t want to recall it?

How do I help her to see and know that they’re not all the same…despite the fact that sometimes even I feel that way?

I’m asking more questions than I’m getting answers to here, folks. I suppose it’s time to turn it over to the man upstairs. It’s time to work on those raw, chafed knees. Better those than a raw, chafed heart.

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