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Mother’s Day — with a Twist

I wrote this post two years ago and thought it would be fitting to share it today…

I’d like to do something a little different on Mother’s Day this year. I want to take some time to focus on the little people who gave me the much revered and respected title of “Mother.”

So today, this post is for them. This is my list of why I love being  mother to each of them.


For Emma, my girl, my first born, the one who radically changed my life in the most amazing way…here are some of the reasons I love being your mother:

  1.  your heart
  2. your singing
  3. your love for others
  4. when you ride on the lawn mower with me
  5. your love and compassion for animals
  6. the way you twirl — in any new dress, when you put on a ‘cape’
  7. how you always know just when I need a hug
  8. how you snuggle
  9. your perseverance
  10. how you always look for the good in others
  11. your forgiving nature
  12. the way you hold me accountable
  13. your tenderness with sick or elderly people — it takes a very special person to have this
  14. the time you skipped cheerleading practice (which you LOVED) to stay home with me because I was not feeling well
  15. your imagination
  16. watching you play anything and everything
  17. your genuine laugh
  18. your desire to do the right thing — at all cost
  19. when we just sit or lay and talk — about whatever is on our minds


For Elijah, my ‘baby’ and my son, the one who constantly challenges (in a good way) my patience…here are some of the reasons I love being your mother:

  1. your smile
  2. your heart
  3. your sense of humor — this has been a saving grace many days in our home!
  4. your appetite
  5. the way you constantly encourage others
  6. how you’re such a good friend
  7. how you always find things for me — you’re my ‘finder’ — and you find things I didn’t even know were lost!
  8. when you call me ‘Momma Jo’ — and the fact that I have NO idea where that came from, but it’s your special name for me
  9. how you can always make me laugh
  10. how you always look for the good in others
  11. your forgiving nature
  12. your passion for the things you love
  13. the way you notice every new and little thing about me — whether it’s new earrings, freshly painted toenails/fingernails — you’re a notice, and that’s a fantastic thing!
  14. watching you play anything and everything
  15. your imagination
  16. how you know every single character on Skylanders and what element they are and what they say when you put them on the portal (see #12)
  17. your laid back style
  18. your charisma
  19. our late night ‘pillow-talks’ where I get to hear all about your day

Some of the items are on both lists, but those are the things I’m super grateful for in both of my kids.

Some days, I’m not gonna lie, I really have to hunt for something to like about my kids…because, like all kids, they test me, they push me, they challenge me and my authority.

But if I’m truly honest with myself, my kids bring much joy to my life and have made me a better person.

I think that’s the thing about motherhood — it’s truly a calling. And it can change you in amazing ways, but only if you let it.

Mothers, I hope you all have a blessed day.