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Day 7 – Go

Well…I’m a couple days behind…but that’s better than I expected to be doing with this challenge.

The word prompt for the 7th day is: Go.

Some days I just want to go. To get away from it all. To wander away from it all. If only for a moment.

I want to go somewhere that I’m not a single mom trying to do it all for everyone.

And the kicker is that I enjoy doing things for others. Alas, it seems like I am in a quandary in which what I love also brings me frustration.

I want to go. Where the sun meets the horizon and illuminates nature.

I want to go. Where the sea goes on forever and there is no end in sight.

I want to go. Where the animals roam freely in the wilderness.

I want to go. Where the monkeys swing freely from the trees and the smell of fresh rain permeates the air.

But for now, I will go where I’m needed the most. To tend and care for the two precious gems that God gave me to be steward over.

Until next time when I can daydream and go to remote locations in my mind.

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