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‘Singled’ Out

This post was originally published on March 18, 2014. Yet, as I republish it on April 29, 2015, I feel like somehow, things haven’t changed all that much. I still feel the way I describe below.

Lately, I’ve felt ‘singled’ out. Truly, as though because I’m a single mother, I’m a single woman, that somehow, I’m not worthy. I’ve felt that I don’t have as much to contribute to any cause; that I don’t matter as much…in the eyes of the world.

I’m not part of a couple. I can’t go on double-dates with other couples. I don’t have a ‘better half’ to fix things around my house or to send on errands when I just don’t feel like going to the grocery store. I don’t have someone else that can entertain the kids while I take 10 minutes to myself.

I know that in the eyes of the world, I may not be ‘complete.’ But the truth is that in God’s eyes and in His viewpoint, I matter just as much as everyone else, if not more…simply because I’m doing it all by myself.

I’ve been reading through my bible and I’m on course to finish it in a year. I just completed the book of Joshua this morning. I noticed something as I was reading this book. This book is powerful stuff! In the book, Joshua and his armies battle neighboring lands in order to receive the Promised Land that The Lord is to deliver to them. Therefore, it’s only natural that you would find uplifting and encouraging words. There are 24 chapters and 658 verses in this book.

Of these 658 verses, there is some repetition. Where there is repetition, you know God is trying to get a message across to His people.

In the book of Joshua, you find the phrase, “Be strong and courageous” or some variation of, six times! It’s in the following passages: 1:6, 1:7, 1:9, 1:18, 10:25, 23:6.

In the book of Joshua, you find the phrase, “Do not be afraid” or some variation of, five times! It’s in the following passages: 1:9, 8:1, 10:8, 10:25, 11:6.

In the book of Joshua, you find the phrase, “Do not be discouraged” or some variation of, three times. It’s in the following passages: 1:9, 8:1, 10:25.

Now, I don’t know about you, but it seems that God is trying to get a message across to Joshua (and you and me!). All of these phrases and the many times they are repeated, indicate to me, that I should be strong and courageous and that I should not be afraid or discouraged in my ‘single-ness.’

I shouldn’t be discouraged that I am ‘singled’ out, because it means that My God has taken notice of me! I shouldn’t be afraid that I’ve been set apart; after all, aren’t we told that to be ‘holy’ means to be set apart? And being ‘singled’ out is to be set apart.

YES! I think that I will begin to rejoice in being ‘singled’ out! I will begin to shout for JOY when I remember that My God has thought enough of me to ‘single’ me out; to set me apart, to consecrate me for His use and His purposes…to make me holy for His glory.

3 thoughts on “‘Singled’ Out”

  1. Michelle, we are neighbors at Kristin’s today and I am thankful for I was single in between marriages for 13 years. BUT..I am not a parent so that is where we differ tremendously. I understand the singleness in this world when around church and other places where couples are the “norm.” I felt excluded and looked upon with questioning eyes. I became a child of God after I met my 2nd husband so did not understand those beautiful Truths that you share about the love that He has for us until then. So I was not standing under His umbrella through those 13 years of being single nor during my first marriage. The self-doubt and those looks and words from others beat me up and down. But I know better now and do my best to remember just how much I am loved as I am and I am continually being made into the image of Christ. Yes, He loves us and I am so grateful.
    I hold you in prayer and am sorry that after a year, this post still rings true. It should not be this way for you are special and you are strong and your children need you. May His love and peace rain upon you and reign in your heart.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  2. Michelle…I love that idea of being reserved for the one God has chosen. I have several single mom friends and was raised by a single mom. I think you are set apart in so many beautiful ways…for the unique courage and strength that you need to navigate the day in and day out and be what your kids need, when they need it. You have unique purpose and a special calling, indeed. Blessed to stop by from #threewordwednesday.

  3. The idea that we are all chosen is huge. It looks different for each of us – but we are reserved and set apart, first for God and then for whoever he has us share our lives with. Thank you for that fresh perspective. I know this is such encouragement for single moms or anyone who feels isolated. Thanks for linking up at #ThreeWordWednesday.

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