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So, as I’m starting this post, it’s 8 minutes until midnight…it’s almost Friday…

As with most Fridays, I’m linking up with Five Minute Friday with Kate Motaung.

Today’s prompt is…ready…

So, in my heart of hearts…I feel I’m ready. Now, I know what you’ll say…how do I know if I’m ready when I’ve never been ‘there’ before?

Because I feel it…in my heart…in my soul…in the core of who I am.

I’m ready.

I’m ready to be the wife God would have me to be.

I’m ready to be the woman I was destined to be.

I’m ready for all of it…

the sleepovers where I’m stepping over the bodies of boys in sleeping bags

the spa days with girls who are desiring to be princesses

the meals…oh the countless meals to be prepared and eaten in the kitchen that is the hub of the house

juggling schedules of 4 kids and their activities

laying in bed, next to the man that God chose for me…that is perfect for me…not that he’s perfect…but perfect for me

after the day is done…and the kids are in bed…laying there discussing the events of the day and the plans for the day to come…

knowing that, no matter what, our feet will be intertwined at some point in the 24 hour period that is a day…

God, I’m ready…I’m ready to be the Proverbs 31 woman You desire…with all of my faults and flaws and imperfections…

with the man You chose for me…the man who will embrace those imperfections and not look down upon them.

now, for the ever important question…is HE ready?

1 thought on “ready”

  1. “I’m ready to be the woman I was destined to be.

    I’m ready for all of it…”

    I love this statement – it’s one of surrender. And I love how He equips us to be who He’s called us to be, even with our flaws!

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