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I’ve been pondering this…how do you reach someone?

How do you reach into the recesses of their heart to know them? To know their hopes, dreams, desires? To know their greatest fears?

How do you reach them and touch their heart?

Is it in the things you do for them? Is it in the things they do for you?

Is it in the conversations long after the sun has set and the day is winding down?

Is it in the moments you share with them? Those moments that would not be what they are, if they were shared with anyone else.

Is it in the way you look at them? Full of longing… Or is it in the way they look at you? With the little sideways smile…

And lets suppose there is something that has touched their heart…that has moved them from just an acquaintance to a friend or more. Wouldn’t you hope that they would share that with you?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they told you what it was that you did or said that reached their heart? That touched them in such a way to make a lasting impression?

And do you wait for the acknowledgment that you’ve touched their heart? Or do you just keep plodding along? Doing what you’ve always done. Saying what you’ve always said. Loving the way you’ve always loved…

5 thoughts on “Reach”

  1. Sometimes, people don’t even realize in that very moment that their heart has been touched. Keep loving the way you love & watch carefully to how they respond to you next time you see them.

    Sometimes, their reaction to you may be defensive, because they may feel laid open to you.

    You are a blessing.

  2. Such a good question, great thoughts, yes, we really do need guidance from the Holy Spirit to know how to reach people. Great post!

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