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My Goals and Vision…

Areas of Lack

They say that the best way to accomplish your goals is to write them down. The purpose for this blog post is just that — to develop SMART goals; Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Bound and to document them. To put them in writing is to give voice to them and make them more concrete.

I’ve put off doing this for quite some time. Until today. I recently decided to plunge into a writing challenge in order to overcome some of my perceived inadequacies. I’m hoping that this writing challenge will push me beyond my current writing comfort zone.

Let’s be clear. Anything worth having is worth working for. Nothing good will come easy. And, to be honest, I’ve been, ahem, coasting in this writing thing. Well — no more.

I am dissatisfied with my current level of writing; more specifically, the lack of time I set aside to write. I have yet to make it a discipline — something I do whether I want to or not. I’m also desiring clearer direction when I do sit down to write. Sometimes I sit down to my fancy Mac, and just don’t feel I have anything worthwhile to say.

Finally, I desire to have someone help me with some of the technical/programming elements of my website. I am pretty tech-savvy, but again, finding the time to devote to searching for the answers is a challenge.

Vision and Direction

Well, in order to get somewhere, you have to know where you’re going, right? This is my vision for my writing.

I can see myself, by the end of the calendar year 2016, having written an eBook of devotions for moms. Additionally, I can see being a regular contributor on at least three websites, other than my own. My writing habit will continue to flourish.

Steps to Get There

In order to accomplish my vision, I will write more. I will start by writing 250-300 words three times a week. Once I have been doing this consistently for 4 weeks, I will increase my writing to 500 words three times a week Once I’ve done this consistently for 4 weeks, I will increase my writing to 500 words five times a week. Once I’ve done this consistently for 4 weeks, I will increase my writing to 750 words, five times a week. I will then set a longer term goal with upwards of 1500 words per writing session. During this dedicated writing time, I will turn off all distractions, including email, my phone, and the tv. I will also utilize the many writing prompt resources that are already in my possession.

I’m excited that this journey begins today. I hope you’ll come along with me. Perhaps you can begin your own journey based on my experience.

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