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A messenger can be found in many places, in many spaces. Just yesterday, I had two very special messengers.

The first messenger came to me when I was feeling discouraged about where I am in my bible reading plan, because I’m behind. Not to mention the fact that I was not feeling an overwhelming connection to the text.

And then, out of the blue, one of my favorite people sent me a message with these words:
“1 Kings 18:30b, ‘And he repaired the altar of the Lord that was broken down.’
Rightly dividing the Word of truth faithfully is like Elijah’s careful and meticulous preparations on the altar. Obedience and faith came before the fire.”
WOW! Talk about right. on. time. I needed this message from this messenger. I needed to hear that the important thing is not the timing of my bible reading, but the fact that I am faithfully in His Word. That I am reading and dissecting and trying to grasp the truth of His word. That I’m trying to not be just a hearer, but also a do-er of His Word.
This, yes this obedience of being in His Word daily. The faith that His Word does not return void. Yes, these come before the fire. These come before the miracles.
The second messenger was found in a song on the radio and the scripture on my wall. I was enjoying the company of a special guest in my home last night.
While we were sitting there, Jeremy Camp came on the radio. He was singing about walking by faith. At that point, I turned to my wall where the words of 2 Corinthians 5:7 are emblazoned. These words that were placed with careful consideration before I even had the hopes of owning my home…my little slice of heaven here on earth. These words that remind me that this home is my blessing. It has MY name on it. And if it’s my blessing, no one can take it from me.
At that moment, I had to smile. I had to smile knowing that God, in His infinite wisdom, gives us just what we need when we need it. The good and the bad. And I knew, while enjoying my guest’s company, that one day, God will give me what I need, right when I’m ready for it and not a moment too soon. I need only to walk by faith. And keep rightly dividing His Word of truth. Faithfully.

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