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Have you ever stopped to think of why you like the things you do?

Like, why you like the movies you do? I love a lot of different types of movies – action, romance, comedy, suspense. I think that I like them because of the feelings they elicit within me.

If I’m feeling particularly sappy, I’ll pull out something like ‘The Notebook’ to watch.

If I’m feeling like I want to take on {and overcome} the world, I may pull out Iron Man 2. I’ve developed quite an affinity for this movie, as it’s one of Emma’s favorites ~ weird, I know.

But what about the people in your lives? Has it ever occurred to you the reason why you like them? Why you spend time with them versus others? What about them causes you to gravitate toward them?

This is something that I’ve been pondering lately. Why I choose to spend time with those I do.

Do you spend time with certain people because of how you feel when you’re with them? Or because of how they treat you, and how that causes them to make you feel?

Do you spend time with them because you share common interests? Or common disinterests?

Do you spend time with those who challenge you? Who push you to be better? To be more?

Those who see your potential and help you strive to achieve it?

Or, do you elect to play it safe? And not interact with those who might help you evolve into something more.

When you choose who you invest in, is it someone who also invests in you? Is it someone who you know would be there for you no matter what?

Or do you take more of the servant perspective? That you’re there to serve and not expect anything in return?

These questions, and the many answers, are all things that have been burning deep within my soul and my mind.

I know the answer to most of these questions for me, but the true test is to ask myself if I’m surrounding myself with the right people. Those who would match my answers to these questions.

Furthermore, if the people in my life don’t align with my responses, then am I brave enough to do something about it?

Are you?

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  1. Those are very good questions to ponder in deciding who we choose to spend time with. We do need to surround ourselves with people who will support us, but I think there are also times to reach out to others who may not be as likeminded. I believe God can give us wisdom as we choose those we want to spend out time with. Blessings to you! I’m visiting from #CoffeeForYourHeart.

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