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How I Will Know

my dear, i’ve wondered for some time how i will know when i meet ‘the one.’

i’ve asked the question of others. i’ve pondered answers to my own inquiring mind. many have said that i would just know.

for a long time, i felt that was their cookie-cutter response to someone who just didn’t know a thing about true love…

someone who has yet to see a healthy relationship in action…

someone who has divorce and infidelity running through the roots of her family tree…

someone whose heart has been broken more times than can be counted…

someone who has become jaded and cynical and questions what love truly looks like…

someone who desperately wants to believe in the fairy tale, but really can’t afford to waste hopes and dreams on such foolishness…

well, my love, i’ve learned a thing or two in the past few months

i’ll know i’ve found the one when he provides a listening ear – and offers well-thought out advice…advice he himself would follow

i’ll know i’ve found the one when he mows my yard for me – and not just once…because he knows that my time with my kids is limited and precious..and because he wants to do something nice for me

i’ll know i’ve found the one when the texts which read, ‘good morning beautiful’ and ‘good night’ come without fail. every. single. day.

i’ll know i’ve found the one when doors are opened for me – and my daughter…and not because we are incapable, but because he wants to show respect and admiration and manners and chivalry. and it is so important for my daughter to see this side of a man. {sidenote, for all of the cynics out there, i truly thought chivalry was dead. turns out i was wrong.}

i’ll know i’ve found the one when nearly every song on the radio has a deeper meaning and prompts a memory – whether it’s a shared experience or a shared dream

i’ll know i’ve found the one when we have more inside jokes than not {and this drives other people CRAZY}

i’ll know i’ve found the one when he leaves me unexpected cards or notes around the house. just because.

i’ll know i’ve found the one when there is an appreciation for all you do for them – and it doesn’t feel like you do anything significant

i’ll know i’ve found the one when there is a strong hand holding mine telling me daily that he’s there – he’s not going anywhere – and he will fight for me. for those are words that have never before left lips and fallen on these ears. and ladies, trust me when i say that these are the sweetest words that you will ever hear uttered from a man’s lips.

you see, my love, these are just a few of the ways that i’ll know i’ve found the one in whom my heart trusts completely. and with that trust comes a lifetime of respect, devotion, and love.

and i know i’ve found the one

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