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This post was originally published on April 25, 2014…

Hey Friends! Here we are, at another Friday (already?). So, I’ve been doing some thinking…scary, I know. I’m going to start writing more frequently. There for a while, I was writing almost daily and it has slowly trickled off. But, as I’ve said before…I need to write like I need to breathe. And sometimes, it’s not much…but just taking the time to sit down and get all of the thoughts out of my head and onto paper (21st Century translation = computer screen).

Today, as with all Fridays, I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker for her Five Minute Friday writing challenge. Today’s prompt is Friend…ready? GO!

It’s funny to think of the word friend. Sometimes, I think that I haven’t got a friend in the world, and then other times, when I take a long-hard look around, I realize I’m blessed with an overwhelming supply of friends.

Those who encourage me with the things they say or do.

Those who lift me up when I’m having trouble lifting myself up.

Those who pray for me when I feel I don’t have the strength or stamina to pray for myself.

Those who remind me of the song of my life and sing it back to me when I forget it’s chorus or the verses.

Those who let me know that it’s okay (and perfectly normal) to yell at my children on occasion. (Side note: thank God for His grace and mercy that I don’t stay in ‘that place.’)

Those who push me to do more. To be more. To love more. To forgive more – even when I feel I. Just. Can’t. Forgive. Again.

Those who love me when I feel I’m at my most unlovable.

Those who have care and compassion for me when I’m hurting.

I have several girlfriends who fit some or all of the above. And I’m so grateful for each and every one of them.

I know that you, my dear reader, have this person or people in your life that do these things for you. Oftentimes, it’s the person we would least expect it to be. In my case, it’s my children.

I know that I can’t share all of my personal woes and life struggles in detail with my children, but they have been my best friends lately.

They remind me that I’m their superhero. I’m their mom. I’m their first friend. And I hope to be their best and last friend they have.

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