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Day 3 – New

If you’re here for the third day this month, I applaud you! I thank you! And I graciously ask that you return daily during the month of October…I ask that you return to see how this month carries out and how I can grow as a writer during this 31 day challenge.

Today’s topic is: New.

I’m struggling with this new blog post. I am not typically one to schedule my posts ahead of time. I generally write a blog post when I’m feeling inspired or when I feel I have something particularly witty or important to share with you fine people.

I can say this…I can say that I’m going through a season in my life right now. And it’s a season that’s completely new and foreign to me.

On a daily basis, I’m questioning what I’m here for. Is what I’m doing making a difference? Am I making a difference in the lives of those around me?

Am I saying the right things and doing the right things to leave a lasting impression on those I love?

Am I demonstrating ways to be brave to my children? Am I showing Christ’s love toward others?

In this season, my thoughts keep coming back to…when will waiting for the one finally be…done?

That one job, that one financial shift, that partner or spouse you’re waiting for…

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